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CCHC and Veterans Home CareIf you are a wartime veteran, a surviving spouse of a veteran or veteran couple, you may qualify for a pension from the VA which can pay between $13,000 and $25,000 a year for private duty home care services or to offset your current home care expenses.  However, figuring out if you qualify and submitting the application can be overwhelming and complicated particularly for a disabled senior. That’s why we recently partnered with Veterans Home Care and their Vet Assist program to help veterans and surviving spouses determine if they qualify and assist them in managing the paperwork and application process for the program known as “Aid & Attendance”.

As veterans age many are unfamiliar with the “Aid & Attendance” program and end up neglecting their care and missing out on benefits they may be entitled to. What veterans need to know is this is a free service to seniors age 65 and older who meet the military, medical, and financial requirements. The Vet Assist program will guide the client through the process and help them obtain necessary documents from physicians, municipal offices, and the military. They have an on-staff VA accredited attorney and interest free loans that allow you to pay for home care with NO out of pocket expenses BEFORE the VA approves your application.

If you or a loved one are interested in information on the veterans “Aid & Attendant” program and require the assistance of another person to help with your care, call CCHC at (313) 881-3390 and speak to one of our Certified Senior Advisors (CSA).

CCHC and Veterans Home Care will work diligently to help our veterans who protected our freedoms get the benefits they’ve earned and the care they need.

Ronda Maniaci is a Certified Senor Adviser, Owner of Comfort Care Home Care, Inc. and Medical Alert provider. Ronda can be reached at (313) 881-3390 or

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