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emergency home alert system answering servicePersonal Emergency Response Alert (PERS)

You need the independence to live like you are used to. Our medical alert simply provides peace of mind for you and those who care about you the most—anytime, 24 hours a day. Our medical alert system is the most comprehensive and advanced Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) available today. This system is designed for speed, accuracy, and affordability. Your family and/or the healthcare service of choice can be contacted immediately should an emergency occur. This allows family and friends a greater sense of freedom and peace of mind.

A Trusted Medical Alert System

Since 1986 over 90,000 of these medical alarms have been providing help to individuals. Every day our medical alert systems respond to emergency signals offering reassurance, comfort, and peace of mind, for individuals and their families. Years of experience, engineering and research, make up our medical alert system. We are continually involved in research and development to ensure you are provided the finest in state of the art protection.

Features Include

  • Calls to your family, friends, neighbors, or emergency services
  • Waterproof Personal Help Buttons good for up to 5 years of use
  • EMD trained attendants monitor calls 24 hours every day
  • Back-up battery power for 70 to 90 hours of emergency service
  • Automatic battery checks of Help Button and In-house system
  • Emergency Response Center back-up system.

Ask us about other system accessories such as:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Medication Dispensers
  • Check-In Alarms
  • RA Minders
  • Inactivity Timer Alarms
  • Key Lock Boxes

Easy to Operate

The small medical alert plugs into any telephone jack in your house. Simply plug your existing phone into the rear of the medical alert unit, plug the unit into an AC outlet, do a couple of simple tests and your system is ready to use.
Push your “Personal Help Button” and help is at your side in minutes!

Choose the Best System for your Lifestyle! 

Attendant Call Responders
Detailed emergency information, your responders names and telephone numbers, and your brief medical history are entered and stored in the Emergency Response Center’s computers. When a call for help is received, the Emergency Response Center’s computer instantly provides the attendant with all of your emergency information. The Attendant personally calls your responders in the precise manner which you have directed.

  • The attendant can verify the emergency before any responders are called.
  • The attendant personally speaks with your responders to inform them that you need help and evaluates their response
  • The computer provides speed and accuracy while the attendant adds the personal contact with your responders
  • Pre-arrival Medical Treatment Instructions

Two-Way Voice Service
This user friendly system provides you with Two-Way Voice communication. A high tech speaker and microphone allows you to send a call for help, and talk to an attendant to explain the nature of your emergency. Speak directly to the attendant rather than waiting for a responder to show up minutes later. If you are unable to speak, the attendant will proceed to contact your responders and send help.